Jimbo Someck

Owner of Jimbo’s Naturally

Jimbo opened his first store in 1984 in North Park and from the beginning it was a success. Today, with five stores and the enviable position of strong personal ties with local organic farmers and natural food vendors, his stores are truly the premier natural foods stores in San Diego County. Yet, Jimbo’s highest attribute is his honesty and integrity. This can be seen, not only in his children and family life, but also in how he successfully manages his relationships with his employees and suppliers.

Jim “Jimbo” Someck is a man who truly practices what he preaches and he has always felt very fortunate to have a career that reflects his lifestyle and belief system. Happily married and the father of four children, Jimbo is an avid runner and a strict vegetarian. His wife, Colleen, prepares daily family meals from scratch. The same guidelines apply at home as in his stores — no white sugar, no harmful chemicals or preservatives, and organic ingredients whenever possible.